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Steamboat Fuels LLC is led by a strong management team with more than 50 years of global experience working in oil & gas, power generation, energy logistics, refining, and distribution.

Strategic Location For Refining Renewable Diesel

Utilizing Haldor Topsoe’s proven HydroFlex™ technology, Steamboat Fuels LLC is constructing the first of several planned Renewable Fuel Facilities to be strategically located along the Gulf Coast. Each facility, or “train”, will have the capacity to produce 6,500 BPD of Renewable Fuels, including Renewable Diesel, Renewable Naphtha and Renewable LPG (“Mixed LPG”). Our annual renewable fuel production will equate to approximately 100 million gallons/year for each Renewable Diesel Facility.

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Steamboat Fuels LLC Management Harold McLallen Founder, President and CEO More than 30 years of experience working in energy, logistics, refining, […]