Company Overview

Steamboat Fuels LLC

Steamboat Fuels is a producer of environmentally friendly Renewable Diesel, a premium fuel made from 100% renewable resources (animal fats and vegetable oils). Nearly molecularly identical to petroleum diesel, Renewable Diesel has up to 85% less sulfur (up to 80 cetane rating) and can be “dropped in” as a replacement for petroleum diesel with no requirement of blending with fossil fuel or biodiesel. Our Renewable Diesel meets Low Carbon Fuel Standards (“LCFS”) and the requirements of the renewable fuel standards set forth as part of the Clean Air Act. In addition, Renewable Diesel is an ideal blending fuel for high sulfur-based bunker fuel for meeting IMO 2020 emissions standards being applied to the maritime industry.

Our technology provider is Haldor Topsoe, who brings a wealth of proven technology and expertise covering all aspects of refining Renewable Diesel. Utilizing Haldor Topsoe’s proven HydroFlex™ technology, Steamboat Fuels is constructing its first of several planned Renewable Fuel Facilities on the Gulf Coast. Each facility, or “train”, will have the capacity to produce 6,500 BPD of Renewable Fuels, including Renewable Diesel, Renewable Naphtha and Renewable LPG (“Mixed LPG”). Our annual renewable fuel production will equate to approximately 100 million gallons/year for each Renewable Diesel Facility.

Renewable Diesel Industry Overview

California is one of the largest U.S. markets for Renewable Diesel that is also coupled with an established Low Carbon Fuel Standard (”LCFS”) regulatory regime. By 2031, it’s expected that California will have a demand of approximately one billion Renewable Diesel gallons per year alone. There is great potential for expanded use of Renewable Diesel nationally, as well as Canada and Europe, resulting in major reductions in both smog-precursor and greenhouse gas emissions.

The US consumes in excess of 113 million gallons of diesel fuel every day.

The Company’s product can be substituted for petroleum diesel on a one-for-one basis.

The market is transparent and Renewable Diesel meets uniform product standards.

Renewable Diesel can be sold forward at various delivery points in the US, Canadian, and European markets without requiring branding or retail distribution.